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Are There Fake Irs Checks Being Sent Out

WITH tax season underway, IRS scams are on the rise, and knowing what to watch out for can help you avoid a disastrous situation. Scammers are using text messages, phone calls, emails, and letters to get information. 1. Be on the lookout for IRS scammers. "With filing season underway, this is a prime period for identity thieves to hit people.

Below we outline four stimulus payment-related scams to look out for. 1. Fake checks. Scammers might mail you a physical check, which looks exactly like the government-issued stimulus checks. The new relief law is set to combat the economic crash related to COVID-19, and Americans expect to see stimulus checks in their mail boxes or bank accounts in the coming weeks. However, because many receive funds from the U.S..

Are There Fake Irs Checks Being Sent Out - Rowan Casino

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