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Wills &Trusts

A will expresses your dispositive wishes but the heirs have to go through the judicial system (probate) to gain access to your assets on your passing. A trust is a legal structure that holds assets and expresses the wishes of the creator, typically called a settlor or grantor. There are many different types of trusts, depending on the purpose.  A typical living trust holds your assets, expresses your dispositive wishes, and keeps the beneficiaries (recipients) out of the judicial system to gain access to the assets. A good way to visualize a living trust as a funnel to pass your assets after your passing to the persons or entities of your choosing without any judicial intervention in a safe and secure fashion.

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Durable Power of Attorney, Healthcare Directives, and Children's Protection Plans

Durable Power of Attorney authorizes someone else to handle matters, typically financial, on your behalf.

Healthcare Directives provides guidance for medical care and healthcare in the event you become incompetent to make those decisions. 

Children's Protection Plan makes sure that your children are protected in the event something happens to you, your children are in the custody of people you designate and child protective services are not involved. 

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Special Needs Planning

For children or family members with special needs, skillful drafting and specific planning is necessary to make sure the special needs family members enjoy the quality of life that they are accustomed to, without compromising their eligibility for public benefits.


Business Structure & Succession Planning

We advise businesses in areas of tax-efficiency and review their legal, insurance, financial, and tax systems. We undertake a thorough examination to evaluate if the optimal legal structure is in place, make sure adequate insurance has been obtained to protect business owners and their loved ones, appropriate financial systems are in place to propel financial growth, business is operating efficiently from a tax perspective, and advise on transitioning control to the next generation.

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Pre-Immigration Planning

United States taxes the worldwide income of its tax-residents and citizens, and pre-immigration planning counsels clients on strategies to minimize their United States tax exposure via strategies like step-up basis in low cost assets to wipe away the gain, drop-off trusts, and GST trusts.

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Charitable Giving

We counsel and structure plans to benefit charitable organizations of your choice, during life or after your passing, and make sure you get an equivalent charitable deduction in keeping with the tax laws.

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Tax Planning

We advise businesses and individuals in state, federal, and international tax matters, including domicile issues, structuring real estate holding structures, and resolution of IRS tax disputes and audit matters.

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Asset Protection

It takes a lifetime to build our assets, and asset protection planning is the implementation of advanced planning techniques to make sure that assets are placed beyond the reach of unanticipated future creditors.

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